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Mark   Year
KFX1142 .B37 2013    
      Boston zoning : a lawyer's handbook / Cynthia M. Barr LAW RESERVE - 2 HR   2013
KFX1142 .B372    
      Boston zoning [electronic resource] : a lawyer's handbook / Cynthia M. Barr   c2003-
KFX1142 .C58 1996    
      City of Boston zoning code / prepared by Landlaw, Inc LAW RESERVE - 2 HR   1996-
KFX1142 .C582 1994    
      City of Boston zoning maps LAW RESERVE - 2 HR   1994?
KFX1142 .N58    
      The urban service problem : a study of housing inspection / Pietro S. Nivola LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   c1979
KFX1147 .F47 1992    
      Boston's lower criminal courts, 1814-1850 / Theodore Ferdinand LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   c1992
KFX1247 .B64 2005    
      Courtroom 302 : a year behind the scenes in an American criminal courthouse / Steve Bogira SAWYER 4th FLOOR, LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   2005
KFX1248 .G48 2000    
      The juvenile court and the progressives / Victoria Getis LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   c2000
KFX1307 .C54 1968    
      Criminal justice in Cleveland; reports of the Cleveland Foundation survey of the administration of cr LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   1968
KFX1591.S34 M67 2005eb    
      Race, law, and the desegregation of public schools [electronic resource] / Peter William Moran   2005
KFX1814.6 .H36 1986    
      The conditions of discretion : autonomy, community, bureaucracy / Joel F. Handler SAWYER 4th FLOOR   c1986
KFX1945.89 .F44    
      The process is the punishment : handling cases in a lower criminal court / Malcolm M. Feeley SAWYER 4th FLOOR   c1979
KFX1945.89 .F44 1992    
      The process is the punishment : handling cases in a lower criminal court / Malcolm M. Feeley LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   c1992
KFX2015 .H37 1983    
      Public property and private power : the corporation of the city of New York in American law, 1730-187 LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   c1983
KFX2031 .S35 1972    
      Counsel for the deceived; case studies in consumer fraud [by] Philip G. Schrag LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   1972
KFX2048 .S3 1974    
      Enforcing air pollution controls; case study of New York City LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   1974
KFX2093 .M38 1989    
      Punishment without walls : community service sentences in New York City / Douglas Corry McDonald SAWYER 4th FLOOR   c1989
KFX2093 .Z44 1982    
      The limits of law enforcement / Hans Zeisel SAWYER 4th FLOOR, LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   c1982
KFX2137 .S74 1989    
      The transformation of criminal justice, Philadelphia, 1800-1880 / Allen Steinberg SAWYER 4th FLOOR   c1989
KFX2263.R582 G625    
      The Voting Rights Act and Rome (Georgia) city elections / by Douglas J. Mathis and L. Doyle Mathis LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   1981
KFX2353.2 .P67 1993    
      The Possibility of popular justice : a case study of community mediation in the United States / edite LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   c1993
KFX2353.2 .P67 1995eb    
      The Possibility of popular justice [electronic resource] : a case study of community mediation in the   1995
KFZ1614 .U65    
      Alien labor program in Guam. Hearing before the Special Study Subcommittee, Ninety-third Congress, fi LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   1973
KFZ2425 A2    
      Acts and resolutions of Puerto Rico LAW STATE MATS. (FL 5)  
KFZ2430 1954 .A24    
      Laws of Puerto Rico annotated LAW STATE MATS. (FL 5)   c1954-
KFZ2628.U58 P978    
      Puerto Rico : a survey of historical, economic, and political affairs, 1959 / by Robert J. Hunter, st LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   1978
KFZ2732 .G182    
      The organized labor movement in Puerto Rico / Miles Galvin LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   c1979
KFZ2749.Z95 P935    
      Sterilization and fertility decline in Puerto Rico / Harriet B. Presser LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   1976
KFZ2860 .B33    
      Slums, projects, and people; social psychological problems of relocation in Puerto Rico [by] Kurt W. LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   1974
KFZ2870.A6 P978    
      Puerto Rico taxes / [edited by] Ralph J. Sierra, Jr. & Margarita Serapion LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   c1982-
KFZ8678 .H524    
      The story of the confederacy, by Robert Selph Henry.. LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   c1931
KFZ9000 .L4 1974    
      The Confederate Constitutions LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   1974
KFZ9001.5 .N44 2011eb    
      Lincoln and the triumph of the nation [electronic resource] : constitutional conflict in the American   c2011
KFZ9002 .D47 1991    
      The Confederate Constitution of 1861 : an inquiry into American constitutionalism / Marshall L. DeRos LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   c1991
KFZ9105 .J44    
      Jefferson Davis and the Confederacy and treaties concluded by the Confederate States with Indian trib LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   1977
KG1 .R36 1974    
      The criminal justice systems of the Latin-American nations : a bibliography of the primary and second LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   1974
KG25 .R66 1999    
      Teach yourself ... legal Spanish : bilingual guide to the legal terminology and laws of Latin America LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   c1999
KG43 .R47 1999    
      Researching the law of Latin and Central America LAW REFERENCE (FL 6)   1999?
KG46 .P47 2006    
      Latin American lawyers : a historical introduction / Rogelio PĂ©rez-Perdomo LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   2006
KG83 .C85 2010    
      Cultures of legality : judicialization and political activism in Latin America / edited by Javier A. LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   2010
KG83 .G37 1980    
      Legal imperialism : American lawyers and foreign aid in Latin America / James A. Gardner LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   1980
KG86 .H36 2007    
      Envisioning reform : improving judicial performance in Latin America / Linn Hammergren LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   c2007
KG96 .J83 1995    
      Judicial reform in Latin America and the Caribbean : [electronic resource] proceedings of a World Ban   c1995
KG96 .K376 1975    
      Law and development in Latin America : a case book / Kenneth L. Karst, Keith S. Rosenn LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   c1975
KG100 .M676 1980    
      Legal aspects of doing business in Latin America : Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and the Andean c LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   c1980
KG125 .M57 2004    
      Latin American law : a history of private law and institutions in Spanish America / M.C. Mirow LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   2004
KG125 .M57 2004eb    
      Latin American law [electronic resource] : a history of private law and institutions in Spanish Ameri   2004
KG136.W64 D54 2011eb    
      Diffusion of gender quotas in Latin America and beyond [electronic resource] : advances and setbacks   c2011
KG147 .S26 2013    
      Same-sex marriage in Latin America : promise and resistance / edited by Jason Pierceson, Adriana Piat SAWYER 4th FLOOR   c2013
KG351 .L38    
      Latin America and the development of the law of the sea : regional documents and national legislation LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   1976-
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