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Mark   Year
KF241.T38 M67 1998    
      How to avoid federal income tax complications : tools and sources / Mariano Morales-Lebron LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   1998
KF241.T38 Q38 1982    
      Federal tax research / Joseph A. Quattrochi LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   c1982
KF 241 .T38 R33 2009    
      Federal tax research / William A. Raabe, Gerald E. Whittenburg, Debra L. Sanders SAWYER 4th FLOOR, LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   c2009
KF241.T38 R47 1988    
      Research in federal taxation LAW REFERENCE (FL 6)   c1988
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KF241.T38 R5 2010    
      Federal tax research : guide to materials and techniques / by Gail Levin Richmond LAW RESERVE - 2 HR, SAWYER REFERENCE   2010
KF241.T38 S55 1981    
      Tax research techniques / by Ray M. Sommerfeld and G. Fred Streuling LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   1981
KF241.T38 W47 2003    
      West's federal tax research / William A. Raabe ... [et al.] SAWYER 4th FLOOR, LAW RESERVE - 2 HR   c2003
KF241.T38 W47 2012    
      Federal tax research / William A. Raabe, Gerald E. Whittenburg, and Debra L. Sanders SAWYER 4th FLOOR   c2012
KF241.T67 D47 1995    
      Death on demand : physician-assisted suicide in the United States : a legal research pathfinder / Cat LAW REFERENCE (FL 6)   1995
KF241.T67 S26 1990    
      Automated teller machine crime : are banks liable for personal injuries? / by Pamela Samuels LAW REFERENCE (FL 6)   c1990
KF241.W47 W47 1987    
      West's introduction to legal research [videorecording] / West Publishing Company LAW RESERVE VIDEO - 3 DAY   c1987
KF242.A1 A45 2004    
      The essential guide to the best (and worst) legal sites on the Web / by Robert J. Ambrogi LAW REFERENCE (FL 6)   2004
KF242.A1 A7 1990    
      Modeling legal argument : reasoning with cases and hypotheticals / Kevin D. Ashley SAWYER 4th FLOOR   c1990
KF242.A1 A77 1988    
      Enhancing legal research [sound recording.] LAW RESERVE MEDIA - 3 DAY   1988
KF242.A1 B46 2000    
      The lawyer's guide to Internet research / Kathy Biehl and Tara Calishain LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   2000
KF242.A1 B55 1998    
      The Internet fact finder for lawyers : how to find anything on the net / by Joshua D. Blackman with D LAW RESERVE - 2 HR   c1998
KF242.A1 B575 2012    
      Cloud computing for lawyers / Nicole Black ; foreword by Richard Susskind LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   c2012
KF242.A1 B6    
      The legal list : research on the Internet LAW REFERENCE (FL 6), LAW RESERVE - 2 HR  
KF242.A1 B76 2001    
      Legal research via the Internet / Valerie J. Atkinson Brown LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   c2001
KF242.A1 C37 1995    
      The Complete internet reference for lawyers / written by Robert H. Carp LAW REFERENCE (FL 6)   c1995
KF242.A1 C48 1998    
      Neal-Schuman guide to finding legal and regulatory information on the Internet / Yvonne J. Chandler LAW REFERENCE (FL 6)   c1998
KF242.A1 C6 1966    
      Computers and the law; an introductory handbook. Robert P. Bigelow, editor LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   1966
KF242.A1 C6 1981    
      Computers and the law : an introductory handbook / Robert P. Bigelow, editor LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   c1981
KF242.A1 C63 1997    
      Computer-assisted legal research : a guide to successful online searching / by Susan Cochard and Sama LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   c1997
KF242.A1 C68    
      Corporate counsel's web site review LAW REFERENCE (FL 6)   c1999-
KF242.A1 E94 1995    
      Law on the Net / by James Evans   1995
KF242.A1 E94 1997    
      Law on the Net / by James Evans ; edited by Albin Renauer LAW REFERENCE (FL 6)   c1997
KF242.A1 G67 2003    
      Online legal research : a guide to legal research services and other Internet tools / by Stacey L. Go LAW RESERVE - 2 HR   2003
KF242.A1 H33 1981    
      An information retrieval system based on a computer model of legal knowledge / by Carole D. Hafner LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   c1981
KF242.A1 H35 2000    
      Law of the super searchers : the online secrets of top legal researchers / T.R. Halvorson ; edited by LAW PROF. COLL. (FL 5)   c2000
KF242.A1 H37 1987    
      The Dow Jones-Irwin lawyer's guide to online data bases / William C. Harrington ; edited by Marvin We LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   c1987
KF242.A1 H49 1993    
      Computer assisted legal research : the basics / by Penny Hazelton LAW RESERVE - 2 HR, LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   1993
KF242.A1 H53 1998    
      Law law law on the Internet : the best legal web sites and more / by Erik J. Heels and Richard P. Kla LAW REFERENCE (FL 6)   c1998
KF242.A1 K5 1985    
      Legal databases online : LEXIS and WESTLAW / John E. Kinsock LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   1985
KF242.A1 K87 1996    
      Internet and the law : legal fundamentals for the Internet user / Raymond A. Kurz with Bart G. Newlan LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   c1996
KF242.A1 L36 2006    
      Survey on access and teaching of alternative legal research using internet portals and gateways / by LAW REFERENCE OFFICE   2006
KF242.A1 L37    
      Legal and legislative information processing / edited by Beth Krevitt Eres LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   c1980
KF242.A1 L39 1999    
      The complete Internet handbook for lawyers / by Jerry Lawson LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   c1999
KF242.A1 L45 1998    
      The computerised lawyer : a guide to the use of computers in the legal profession / Philip Leith and LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   c1998
KF242.A1 L4785 2010    
      Mining the Internet's publicly available resources for investigative research / Carole A. Levitt and LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   c2010
KF242.A1 L4785 2011    
      Mining the internet's public records for investigative research / Carole A. Levitt and Mark E. Rosch LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   c2011
KF242.A1 L485 2012    
      Cybersleuth's guide to the internet : conducting effective free investigative & legal research on the LAW RESERVE - 2 HR, CAREER DEV. LAW (FL 1)   c2012
KF242.A1 L495    
      Directory of online services / LEXIS-NEXIS LAW RESERVE - 2 HR, LAW REFERENCE (FL 6)   c1995-
KF242.A1 L66 2000eb    
      Legal research using the Internet [electronic resource] / Judy A. Long   c2000
KF242.A1 L663 2001    
      Legal research using Westlaw / Judy A. Long LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   c2001
KF242.A1 M3 2001    
      The Internet guide for the legal researcher : the complete resource guide to finding legal informatio LAW REFERENCE (FL 6)   c2001
KF242.A1 M32 2003    
      Federal, state, local, and international laws on the Internet / by Antje Mays LAW REFERENCE (FL 6)   2003
KF242.A1 M33 1987    
      Communicating with legal databases : terms and abbreviations for the legal researcher / Anne L. McDon LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   c1987
KF242.A1 M39 1999    
      Legal research on the Internet : a compendium of Websites to access United States federal, state, loc LAW REFERENCE (FL 6)   1999
KF242.A1 N24 1987    
      Microcomputers as decision aids in law practice / Stuart S. Nagel LAW TREATISES (FL 5)   c1987
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